1st Place Winner Christine !

2nd Place Winner Joyce !

 ​National  Coalition  for  Issue  Reform - Political Accountability

  What is Accountability Worth to You?

NCIR Fund Raffle Review                             March 20, 2019

California Department of Justice Registration # RF0012847

By law, this Raffle must conclude by August 30, 2019

Prizes – First Prize will be $500 Cash, Second Prize will be $100 Cash, Consolation prizes may be won if such donations are received. Consolation prizes may not be announced until the time of drawing.

Drawing – Drawing will be held in a public place and will be announced at least one week before on the website nciraction.org. Log in and watch the sales action updates. Timing will be determined by speed of tickets sold. You do not have to be present to win, but PLEASE, write your contact information very clearly on your ticket stubs. If we are not able to contact you for 30 days after the drawing, your ticket will be disqualified and we will draw again.

Odds – No more than 2,999 tickets will be sold. Since there are two prizes, your odds of winning will never be worse than 1,500 to 1. Having ten tickets will increase your odds to better than 150 to 1, and having 20 tickets will increase your odds to better than 75 to 1.

Donations – Remember, ticket acquisition is really a donation to our mission statement to serve the public; we are, after all, a non-profit. Anyone wishing to donate a physical object as a consolation prize is more than welcome to do so. Anything from a mansion to a t-shirt as a surprise consolation prize will only add to the fun of our fund-raising event.

Our two cash prizes were donated to us by a recurring benefactor. We are very grateful.

Board Members – Board of Directors Members from both NCIR Action and NCIR Fund are not eligible to win this raffle.

Donating Winnings – In the past, people have donated their winnings back to the non-profit. We feel that this is not fair. Once done, it sets a precedent that is not fair to people who quite rightly wish to keep their winnings without stigma. Donating your winnings back is not allowed.

Ticket Price – Tickets are one dollar, however, it is possible that some tickets may be granted as gratuities.

Best wishes to all from the Board of Directors of NCIR Fund